Plasan was established in 2001 to bring an innovative and environmentally friendly production approach to the PET thermoform industry. Production capacity in a total closed area of 3500 m2 is 3000 tons per year. It is one of the high-tech and efficient disposable PET food container producers of Turkey, with  new technology PET Extruder and thermoform machines. Having mould making department inside factory, Plasan developes new models quickly and ergonomically. It contributes to the disposable food packaging industry by trying to understand the supply chain from

Plasan manufactures hinged lid PET leakproof containers: clamshell containers, PET round salad containers, sauce containers, oval containers, baklava and cheese containers, ps cutlery, cutlery packs, pp and ps sauce cupd, pet cups and dome lids, etc. It also produces separator and blister products for biscuits, chocolates and confectionery industry. Plasan is open to new projects and ideas with all its experience and production capacity

Plasan is taking environmetal care so much, for this reason most of the raw material consumed is Recycled PET (R-PET). It has all production certificates and migration tests for food contact.